Visual Arts


— by Maria Lusitano

20.01 — 19.02.05
Galeria Zé dos Bois

“Maria Lusitano’s journey is unusual. Arriving late to art studies, after finishing her medical course, the artist simultaneously completed the study plans of the Ar.Co and Maumaus schools.
Profuse, her work is divided into different supports and languages, oscillating without contradiction and without weight between fiction and documentary, metaphor and parable, innocence and perversity, poetry and irony. The video and photography often associated, not being Maria Lusitano’s only means of expression, are, however, within her work, the most operative tools in terms of reflection on the things of the world and the language around them.
Strongly marked by a generational awareness – in the sense that it is from her living experience that Maria Lusitano establishes a reflection on her origins – her films are narratives in which a peculiar sense of montage is gradually defined, in which the images (in motion or not) and the sound follow or merge from chromatic and semantic affections, with the unique and vast background of a historical time whose culminating point coincides with his birth (…) Thus, Maria Lusitano chose appropriation as a working method, in this case, to be more precise, the appropriation of memory, intersecting and overlapping in his work, individual experience and collective experience. ”
– Nuno Faria

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