Visual Arts

Four Flags Lisboa

07.07 — 07.10.20
Galeria Zé dos Bois

Four Flags is a temporary project that brings art to the public space. 36 artists were invited to create and design a flag, which will be hanging in the facade of ZDB Gallery for the duration of approximately a week each. Four flags will hang together, rotating throughout the duration of the project.

Expanding from the concept of the flag itself – which is often used to symbolize nations, political movements, sports clubs or ideologies – Four Flags aims to show physical art at a moment when our experience of art is limited and mostly virtual. Exhibitions and events have been either cancelled or postponed, thus the idea to show art outdoors 24/7, surrounded by our city and its passer-by’s.

Four Flags is an initiative of Julia Mullié and Nick Terra from Amsterdam. The idea arose when they enjoyed the sun on the windowsill of their house in Amsterdam and were looking at the flag holders on their facade. They decided to invite 30 artists to create a flag.

Four Flags Lisbon was born from this initial proposal, and is a partnership between Taffimai and Galeria Zé dos Bois. Four Flags Lisbon will happen at ZDB Gallery, where each designed flag will be shown over a three-month period in the building’s facade.

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