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segundas na z

Iterative Cast de Gaspar Cohen ~ segundas na Z

Galeria Zé dos Bois

~ Segundas na Z ~ Encontros e experimentação, todas as segundas-feiras, no terraço, 22h. Iniciadas por Claudia Lancaster, continuam com Laura Gama Martins.

Iterative Cast is an investigation of tensions between epistemological circuits and an affirmation of uncertainty as a potency of the present. Resulting from Chronotopia Echoes Artistic Lab, this project challenges the practice of the archive while elaborating cyclical and spiral ideas of history, narrative folds, reconfigurations of cultural circuits and onto-technological disruptions.

For the pre-release of his vinyl edition, Gaspar presents a video installation that was present at Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2021(GR) and CTM Festival 2022 (Berlin-DE), along with demos and the accompanying publication for purchase.

Gaspar Cohen (aka 130-IVXX) is an artist and researcher, PhD candidate in Philosophy of Technology at the University of Lisbon and professor of Multimedia Art at the University of Maia. His practice moves on the thresholds of amplification, in critical formats of media circulation and in the political possibilities of noise and error. Through unstable electronic circuits and tenacious computational systems, he seeks to interrogate the capital-colonial contamination in digital technologies.

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