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Galeria Zé dos Bois

© 'Hand Film', Yvonne Rainer

ZDB presents the cinema cycle To Film With One Hand My Other Hand, a program by Sara Castelo Branco.
Every Monday of July, at 9 pm, at ZDB’s Aquário.

Gilles Deleuze stated that the digital seems to mark the subordination of the hand to the eye: the vision becomes interior, and the hand is reduced to the finger, which only intervenes to select units that correspond to pure visual forms. Involving transitions from the biological to the technical, the optical to the haptic, the archaic to the contemporary – the iconography of the hand refers to traditions related to Renaissance painting, industrial representations, languages of gestures and touches, the ecological green hand or movements of resistance. At a time where the dynamic relationships of nature and technology come together to constitute a technosphere based on a suture between body and technique, the hand is also a survivor of manual and non-alienated forms of production in contrast to the interchangeable and abstract rhythm of machines.

Crossing different geographies and temporalities, ‘To Film With One Hand My Other Hand’ presents a selection of artist’s and experimental films that explore the role of hand as a mechanism of action, revelation, erasure or performativity, addressing subjects such as the woman’s experience and representation; the visual and symbolic language of cinematographic gestures; the systems of memory production and the deconstruction of colonial expressions in West Africa; or the relationship between humans and nature by a meditation on ecological and museological conservation.

This screening features films made by renowned filmmakers (Harun Farocki, Manoel de Oliveira or Marguerite Duras), young artists (Onyeka Igwe, Jessica Sarah Rinland or Melisa Liebenthal) or experimental filmmakers whose works were rarely presented (Maria Lassnig, Gary Beydler or Miklos Bandy & Stella Simon). The expression by Agnès Varda that name this screening program inscribes also a inherent and self-reflective connection between hand and cinema; the hand as a technical, poetic or engaged mechanism involved in different discourses, imaginaries and narratives. Sara Castelo Branco


1st Session (76′)
Apparition (2019) – Ismaïl Bahri
Der Ausdruck der Hände (1997) – Harun Farocki
Black Pond (2018) – Jessica Sarah Rinland

2sd Session (44′)
Fake Fruit Factory (1986) – Chick Strand
Hand Film (1966) – Yvonne Rainer
Hände: Das Leben und die Liebe eines Zärtlichen Geschlechts (1926-1928) – Milkos Bandy & Stella Simon

3th Session (51′)
Pasadena Freeway Stills (1974) – Gary Beydler
Aquí y Allá (2019) – Melisa Liebenthal
Les Mains Négatives (1978) – Marguerite Duras
Palmistry (1973) – Maria Lassnig

4th Session (58′)
the names have changed, including my own and truths have been altered (2019) – Onyeka Igwe
The Embassy (2011) – Filipa César
A Caça (1964) – Manuel de Oliveira

Sara Castelo Branco

Sara Castelo Branco (1989, Porto) is a research and writer with a special interest on the modes of collaboration between eco-media, technology, moving-image cultures and the contemporary art. She works at the intersection of visuality studies and cinema/contemporary art theory, around ambiguous notions of the culture in the age of digital technology and its dynamic impact and articulations on societal and cultural structures. She is currently completing her PhD in arts and sciences of art and communication sciences at the Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris) and Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Lisbon), and is a member of ICNOVA – Culture, Mediation and Arts (FCSH-UNL). Her texts have been published in both academic and non-academic media, and she has curated a number of screenings programs of artists and experimental cinema in Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst (Berlin), Galerias Municipais de Lisboa (Lisbon) or CRIPTA 474 (Turin). Her previous studies include an MA in art studies – art theory and criticism (Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto) and a BA in communication and cultural sciences (Universidade Lusófona do Porto).

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